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Our office deals with small and large renovations, as well as the decoration of the space. Together we can renew your space energetically, ecologically and smartly!

Our services

Building Construction

Renovations - Reconstructions

Home Construction

Country Houses - Stone Constructions

Investment Projects

Εnergy upgrade

Program "Save Energy"

Interior Design

Decorative Study

Lighting design

Architectural drawings

New Building permits

Αrbitrary settlement

Energy Performance Certificate

Electrician Certificate

Engineer Certificate

Thermal insulation of a building's external facades

Roof insulation

The office…

Our office was started by Ms. Anna-Maria Lambrou and today consists of a team of 
designers of various specialties such as architects, interior architects, civil engineers,
electrical engineers, etc., with a common vision of customer service offering a result so
aesthetically pleasing as well as constructive.
The diversity - specialization of the members of the office has as a result to approach
each challenge in many ways leading to the optimal result.

'East to West Constructions' member of 'East to West Investing Real Estate', 
with rich extensive experience in the field of real estate, deals with the undertaking of
Projects from the initial stage (design - construction / architectural study) to the final,
delivering to our client a complete architectural design.

The specialization of our members, the professionalism that excels us as well as the value 
for money of our work are elements where our customers prefer us.
The purpose of ‘East to West Constructions’ is to create a perfect result both
aesthetically and functionally. Our client is at the center of the design. Our every effort to
create a sustainable environment for him, using new and modern materials and
technologies, making it both functional and aesthetic, is a pleasant challenge for us.

I don’t think that architecture is only about shelter, is only about a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think.

– Zaha Hadid –

Architecture is basically the design of interiors, the art of organizing interior space.

– Philip Johnson –

How it Works

We’ll walk you through the entire process


Study-Research Stage

Every case is special for us. Both the location, the space and the personality – the needs of the user, are characteristics where they contribute to the creation of a result with a separate identity. At this stage, together we will lay the foundations of the design with absolute meticulousness.


Installation Stage

The placement of materials – products is a critical stage for the completion of the project, within the predetermined time frame. The consistency and reliability that characterizes us can guarantee that there will be no problem, since each time the person in charge will be close to the customer.


Materials Research and Selection Stage

Then, thanks to the experience of our team, we will select the appropriate materials and combinations of them, covering the settings of each space.


Completion - Delivery Stage

After the completion of the above stages, the Project is ready for delivery and surely the user will experience the unique experience of the design result.

Whatever stage the customer chooses, we are here to help and guide him to the best result.

“In my history of working with trade show vendors, I can honestly say that there is not one company that I’ve ever worked with that has better service than East to West Constructions.”

“East to West Constructions is one of the best general contractors we’ve worked with. The entire team tactfully delivered a project of exceptional quality while staying on schedule and under budget. We hope to work with East to West Constructions again in the near future!” 


“…I was truly impressed with East to West Constructions’s quality workmanship and the final product. East to West Constructions provided an outstanding team that completed our project on-time and on schedule with no disruption to the staff.“


“…our complete satisfaction with the service provided by East to West Constructions. The team has proven themselves as experienced professionals with superior results! We are impressed with the quality of work and their ability to meet our aggressive timeframe.”


Let’s find your dream home. Together